We offer an English speaking driver who can provide transportation but highly recommend adding a private guide for a more memorable experience. A private guide is available for the whole day or only the two hour tour of Pompeii.Your driver will be waiting for you at your port of arrival, holding a sign with your name on it.



Is the most stunning archaeological site on the Italian Peninsula and one of the most visited. The ruins of Pompeii are an open air museum where visitors can go back in time and discover a city that had been buried in ashes until 1748. Visitors experience the city much as it existed more than 2000 years ago.

Vesuvius Wine Tasting

Having wandered through the culturally rich ruins of Pompeii all morning, it is time for some well deserved relaxation. Retreat into the vineyard which produces the celebrated vintage Lacryma Christi, literally “Tear of Christ”, and boasts a terrific view of Mount Vesuvius. Enjoy a leisurely lunch and wine tasting and soon you too will gaze at Vesuvio, the sacred mountain of wine, as the ancient inhabitants of Pompeii once did.

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