Luxury Yacht

What makes mondo guide yacht charter exceptional.

Like the very best sports cars or the intricate excellence of watches, superyachts today are the product of remarkable engineering and vision. besides the sheer pleasure of such vessels, however, life aboard a luxury yacht is unique.a yacht can take you to new horizons every day, give you access to places that few ever get to know and all in the highest comfort. it's about feeling free, having new choices each day and sharing extraordinary times with the people you care 2 yachts and no 2 clients are the same, so the different styles of holiday we can create for you are limitless

The mediterranean will always amaze everyone.

Mondo guide - offers a wide choice of destinations in the mediterranean, where you can find some of the most famous places in the world. An offer that provides crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, ancient cultures, great food, trendy cities, quaint harbors and some of the most beautiful stretches of coastline to see. Cruising in italy between Capri and Amalfi, through the Aeolian islands and along the coast of Sardinia. Discover Spain and the beaches of the Balearic islands, the French Riviera ,the bays of Greece, Turkey or Croatia with its enchanting islands.

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